History of Pine Ridge

Skiing at Pine Ridge - 1978

In the late 60′s and early 70′s Bill Loharu of Horseshoe Valley developed Pine Ridge Ski club to compliment the surrounding real estate, and provide quiet weekend skiing.  Our first official winter was 1972.

Members of the Club in the early years initiated the tradition that extends to today of investing much time, effort, enthusiasm and financial assistance. A comfortable chalet was created from an equipment storage building, and a T-Bar and chair lift erected on 50 of the 100 acres presently owned by the club.

Ralph Evans, Ross Johnston, and Tom McConkey were names that are synonymous with the development of a fine teaching and racing program that created the warm feeling of family participation and friendship. As a result of their inspiration, many of the members’ children have become instructors both in our own ski school and at resorts across Canada.

The early 80′s, membership declined due to the maturing of founding families. However, many new families joined the Club and Pine ridge drew on its faith in the future and installed snowmaking. The evidence of the clubs full recovery is seen today in the multitude of little “hard hats”.

Bill Loharu’s generous support was paid out, the share status stabilized and membership recovered. The Shanty Bay, Barrie and Orillia members, along with others from greater distances, increased in number and were deeply involved in this period of growth. This growth led to a new chalet addition and our own water supply, grooming equipment and staff.

Don Barbour, was our first  General Manager after the Club took over the management from Horseshoe Valley. Don was followed as general manager by Wayne Neal.

 - Contributed by Bill Clark & Ron Code